Justice Over Everything is a social justice center that recognizes that saving individuals from the burning house only saves one person at a time. To truly foster change, we must confront the inferno that is our justice system. This involves enlightening citizens about the profound effects of policies and legislation on their daily existence, championing those ensnared in the justice system, and advocating for change rooted in the lived experiences of our community.

Our founders Michele K Rayner Esq. & Dr. Byron Green-Calisch

A relentless pursuit to ensure that people's rights are protected and that justice is administered equally regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and socio-economic status.

Our Mission

We can no longer wait for the "saviors." We are who we have been waiting for; it's time for us to take care of each other! We are a group of lawyers, educators, and organizers committed to representing, educating, and mobilizing our community with an intersectional approach. We recognize that all of our freedom is bound to each other. We aim to dismantle systemic injustices, empower individuals, and create a fair and equitable society for all

Justice Over Everything operates in three distinct areas: litigation, legislation, and education. We believe this wrap-around approach not only engages the Tampa Bay community but shows up when we are needed and advocates for the changes to prevent folx from ever needing us.

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Areas of Impact

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